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Exercise and health for the good of the mental and physical well-being


Dear parents! In this school year we have completed the "Healthy life-style" project, so our school signed up in the new trial of the extended school programme of the primary school - "Exercise and health for the good mental and physical well-being". Regular physical activity, a healthy diet, a safe and secure environment and preventive treatment are the key factors while growing up which ensure the young people the optimal growth and development, and contribute to their well-being and in a long-term strengthen their health and increase their quality of life. Therefore, it is vital that we offer activities to the students in the school, which in the long term, contribute to the prevention and correction of negative effects of present day way of living, and are encouraged to adopt a healthy life-style, so that we can have a positive effect on their physical and mental health. A variety of activities from the field of "Exercise and health for the good mental and physical well-being" should be accessible to all students, as these can contribute to a healthy physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development of the individual. The objectives of the trial:






  • To raise awareness the importance of physical and mental health, well-being and quality of life;
  • To understand the importance of every day exercise, a balanced diet, a healthy and safe environment, leisure time and time to rest;
  • To learn about and become actively involved in a variety of exercise activities, to develop the habit of healthy eating, taking part with the others, and act in the environment in a safe and responsible manner;
  • To acquire the knowledge about the preventive treatment in the care of their health and safety;
  • To develop a positive attitude to the movement, healthy food and a balanced diet, the environment, self and others, and to develop a corresponding positive views, attitudes and behaviour.


The school will offer activities from the individual fields according to the general guidelines and recommendations, and based on the needs and interests expressed by the students, as well as the spatial and personnel conditions of the school and the opportunities offered by the wider surroundings.


Sincerely yours,


Nevenka Lamut, head teacher

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