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  • • The school and the parents, by their example, and the transport education, together create a safe form of transport conduct. • It is preferable to cross the street together with your child even a hundred times before they cross it by themselves. • Convince and accustom your child to wear a helmet whenever travelling by bike. • A child should go to school in time. They must walk on the pavement. If the road does not have the pavements, we walk along the left side, so we can see the car, and move away in time. • First graders are accompanied by their parents. Parents inform their first grades about traffic regulations and the dangers that may come on the way to school. They are obliged to wear yellow scarves around their necks as well as reflective objects. The second graders must wear yellow scarves too. • Children that are driven to school by a vehicle must use special seat belts (more than 150 cm in height) or special child restraints (less than 150 cm in height). The children must seat at the back till the age 12 if a child restraint cannot be fitted in a vehicle. Always use seat belts and child restraints. • Cyclists in addition to pedestrians, are the most threatened and vulnerable group of traffic participants. Severe damage to the brain rarely remains without consequences. Protective helmets may reduce the number of injuries to the head. • The students who come to school by bike, should ride only with a full-equipped bikes. They must have a protective helmet and have passed a cycling exam. The pupils put their bikes into the bicycle shed (the school shall not be held liable for the bikes). • We do not recommend coming to school with scooters, roller skates, skateboard and motorcycle. • A safe route to the school is also based on personal security that is the safety against the bullies, who show their strength by taking it out on the weaker children and endanger them. Students must immediately tell a parent or teacher, if they are bullied.




2x kombi Minibus
7.25 7.20
Medenska cesta, Gasilski dom Taborska cesta, Rdeči bloki (Marinovševa), Beli bloki (LPP postaja Ob daljnovodu)
7.45 7.40
Roje Taborska cesta, Rdeči bloki (Marinovševa), Beli bloki (LPP postaja Ob daljnovodu)
8.00 8.00
Medenska cesta, Gasilski dom Taborska cesta, Rdeči bloki (Marinovševa), Beli bloki (LPP postaja Ob daljnovodu)
8.10 8.10
Martinova pot, Brodska cesta, Na gmajni Brodska, Kurirska
Rdeči bloki (Marinovševa), Beli bloki (LPP postaja Ob daljnovodu)
Odhodi izpred šole: 13.15, 13.45, 14.15, 15.00



During the school year, the timetable of the transport can be adjusted depending on the organisation of the school. The students that have the right to use the school transport are the ones that live more than 4 km away from school, if the road to school is dangerous or if they are under 7 years of age.

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